wilde things – Olivia Wilde

I recently came across Olivia Wilde’s website called “wilde things“. I have to say “I am so impressed!” Turns out, the lady is more than just a pretty face… among other things; she is an activist and also a vegan, who would have thought? The site is very classy and different from the usual “it’s […]

15 Tools for People on a Budget

There are many great tools available online, to download for free and/or for very little money. Here is a list of 15 tools that will allow you to spend very little but get all the tools you need to successfully create, whether you’re a freelancer who wants to save some cash or just looking for […]

17 Essential Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

I follow these guys called “design Follow” on twitter, they are always posting very cool stuff from the realm of development. Here is one post I would like to share with folks: 17 Essential Cheat Sheets for Web Developers. Do you ever find yourself trying to remember how to do stuff while coding (in all […]

Free Anti-virus Software

I used to have anti-virus software by Symantec installed on my PC and was pretty happy with it. It wasn’t too expensive and it seemed to be doing a very good job. As a result, I also recommended Symantec anti-virus to family and friends. This is where things started to become, well, let’s say a […]

Pete Loughran

Pete, born in Northern Ireland and now residing in Los Angeles, is an independent artist who has created a sound all of his own. He is incredibly talented and his lyrics are honest, fresh and very real but don’t take my word for it, have a listen yourself. Here are some songs that he has […]