Photoshop for Total Beginners 3

Selections Open a black & white picture of your choice. I chose this one. Make sure that the picture mode is set to RGB it allows you to apply color to the image. Image – Mode – click RGB Color. Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool from the tool bar. On the picture, click once on […]

Photoshop for Total Beginners 2

History and the History Tool Open a picture of your choice. I chose this one. Go to Window – History to open the history window. Now go to Filter – Texture – Stained Glass… click OK. Your picture should now look something like this. In the history window  click on the little camera icon to […]

Photoshop for Total Beginners 1

Introduction I am a total Photoshop beginner and in an effort to find tutorials to learn Photoshop, have discovered that, for the most part, they all suck. Everything I found out there assumed that I know stuff about how to use Photoshop and its tools… which I obviously don’t. So, I decided to take a […]

Create a Twitter bird mascot

I recently purchased Photoshop CS5. I have never owned it before and have been looking for really good tutorials ever since. Of course as it goes for all tutorials, some are better than others… One thing I found very annoying very quickly is that a lot of tutorials assume that you know how to use […]

Resize the New Twitter

So, the new twitter is being rolled out and it’s not bad. But as usual, they stuff it down our throats as is, without the ability to customize anything. Well thank you to awesome Greasemonkey scripts for hearing our cries… But let’s start at the beginning. What is Greasemonkey? Mark Pilgrim, author of the Greasemonkey […]