Things that are on my mind.

Not just technology related.

Free Anti-virus Software

I used to have anti-virus software by Symantec installed on my PC and was pretty happy with it. It wasn’t too expensive and it seemed to be doing a very good job. As a result, I also recommended Symantec anti-virus to family and friends. This is where things started to become, well, let’s say a […]

Pete Loughran

Pete, born in Northern Ireland and now residing in Los Angeles, is an independent artist who has created a sound all of his own. He is incredibly talented and his lyrics are honest, fresh and very real but don’t take my word for it, have a listen yourself. Here are some songs that he has […]

Getting Started…

So, I have decided to create this blog… Let’s see how much I actually use it. The idea is to put down what’s on my mind on all kinds of different topics; this could be anything from personal thoughts all the way to opinions about various technologies. I will attempt to organize what’s on my […]