Good vs. Evil

We all have our believes and opinions about the world, religion, God, good and evil… Some like to shout their thoughts at the top of their lungs for all to hear (whether they want to hear or not), others prefer to contemplate (quietly) and some just don’t have anything to say at all. Me, I […]

So much for free speech

First there was Google v. China and now… India may shut down Google and Skype Internet-based messaging services over security concerns, the Financial Times reported on Friday, as the government threatened a similar crackdown on BlackBerry services. Read article here… Is it just me or is free speech slowly being eradicated?

Getting Started…

So, I have decided to create this blog… Let’s see how much I actually use it. The idea is to put down what’s on my mind on all kinds of different topics; this could be anything from personal thoughts all the way to opinions about various technologies. I will attempt to organize what’s on my […]