Create a Twitter bird mascot

I recently purchased Photoshop CS5. I have never owned it before and have been looking for really good tutorials ever since. Of course as it goes for all tutorials, some are better than others… One thing I found very annoying very quickly is that a lot of tutorials assume that you know how to use Photoshop and just don’t know how to do whatever the tutorial is about.

Then I came across these guys, phoenix studios. They assumed nothing, instead they produced a tutorial so detailed and easy to follow even I could do it. Even gave little icons to show what tool they’re talking about and showed screen shots to coincide with the instructions they are giving.

I sure do hope they create many more like this for the total beginners like me out there. In the mean time, here is the one I am talking about today. Create a Twitter bird mascot by phoenix studios

Go to the tutorial…

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