Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

Being pretty new to web development, I have come to the conclusion that cross browser compatibility testing is the most painful part in the entire process (at least in my opinion; especially when it comes to Internet Explorer versions).

It got me wondering, how do other web developers do it?

So I googled it and found this post on pretty good. It goes through how to have different versions of other browsers co-exist on the same machine. A lot of this was not really new to me except for how to test on different versions of IE.

Turns out, completely unexpected I might add that there is a pretty cool, easy and free solution from Microsoft. It comes in 2 parts, the first being Virtual PC (download here) and believe me, the install could not be easier.

The second is Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image. Windows Virtual PC VHDs for testing websites with different Internet Explorer versions (download here).

I had everything installed in minutes and without any problems. I am so impressed and recommend this solution for that same reason.

Unfortunately, this is a Windows solution only. If you know of a free and easy solution for Mac developers, PLEASE do share your knowledge in form of a comment.

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