My First Website Where Do I Start

I was asked by a few people where do you start if you want to have your own website. So here is a quick compilation of what I did to get my website up and running. Keep in mind that there are other ways of doing this, this just happens to be the way I did it.

A quick summary of what I did:
I registered a domain name, which is costing me approximately $20.00 dollars a year (for renewals).
I found a free DNS service that redirects to where my site is located. Yes, I said free.
I created my web site and placed it in free space from my ISP (Internet Service Provider). Yes, I said free.
And voila, I have a website that you can go visit. Lets get started then…

  1. Register a domain name.
    The first thing you need to do is register a domain name. Here are three places where you can do that.
    Instant Domain Registration
    Canadian Domain Name Services
    Of course there are others, do a search for “domain name registration” to find them.
  2. Find a DNS Service.
    I believe all three of these places offer free redirection services. All you need to do is signup, enter your domain name and the address of where your website lives. This can be changed and modified at any time, so don’t panic if you don’t have all of your ducks in a row yet (or you decide to move your website somewhere else).
    Dynamic Network Services
    Hurricane Electric
    Of course there are others, do a search for “free DNS services” to find them.
  3. Create your website.
    This is the best part, so have fun. Don’t think you have to start off with this huge elaborate website, you don’t. Start out with a “one simple HTML page” and build from there. But above all, I can’t stress this enough, have fun.
  4. Find a place to put your website.
    I “think” (always a dangerous concept) that most ISPs also give you free space on their server. If you are not sure that yours does, call them up and ask. They can also explain to you where it is and how to access it. Make sure to add the location to your DNS account. My service provider does give me free space so that is where my website currently lives. Everytime somebody types my address into a web browser, ZoneEdit directs them to my website location.

Well, I hope this was a little helpful and gives you an idea of where to start. Don’t forget to have fun!

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