Photoshop for Total Beginners 2

History and the History Tool

Open a picture of your choice. I chose this one.

Go to Window – History to open the history window.

Now go to Filter – Texture – Stained Glass… click OK.

Your picture should now look something like this.

In the history window  click on the little camera icon to take a snapshot of the image as it looks with the stained glass texture applied. Also make sure that there is a history tool icon in the box next to the original picture not the snapshot, like this:



In the tool bar select the history tool and on the picture hold down the left mouse button and move it around. You are now drawing back the original picture…

How cool is that?

Let’s do this again with a different effect. In the history window click on Open; now right click on Snapshot and delete. Your picture should now be back to when you first opened it.



Now go to Filter – Blur – Motion Blur… and depending on the picture you may want to adjust the blur using the slider at the bottom. I increased my blur to 73 pixels. Don’t forget to take a snapshot.






Go over the picture with the history tool like in the first demonstration.
The final product.

That wraps it up for the history and history tool. In my next post I’ll show you how to apply color to selected areas on a black and white picture. Until then have fun playing with history…

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