Photoshop for Total Beginners 4


Today I will show you how to make a selection on one picture and then add that selected area onto another picture. Remember, I am not here to make you Ps experts, I’m just showing you very basic and straight forward stuff to get your imaginations going; to show you what’s possible. How good you become and how complicated a task you’ll be able to accomplish depends solely on your resolve to practice and play…

I have two images that I am going to play with. A boat on water (where I removed the boat) and a rubber duck. I know, so predictable…

You need to have both images open in Ps. We will start with the rubber duck. Because ducky has a simple white background, selecting the duck is super simple. We start by selecting the Magic Wand Tool , with the magic wand tool selected, click somewhere on the white background of the image. The tool will automatically select all the area of the same color around it. So now we have the background selected but what we really want is the duck.

Go to and click on Select – Inverse in the menu bar. Ps will now switch the selection to what was not selected, the duck.

Now that the duck is selected, switch to the Move Tool , click (and hold down the mouse button) on the duck and drag it over to the other picture. Once you are over the other picture the mouse pointer will turn to a little + sign. When it does, release the mouse button. Ducky will now appear on the other picture as a new layer. You can click and drag him around on the picture until you’re happy with his location. Me, I put him where the boat used to be.

I know, sort of boring. Feel free to try this with more interesting subjects and challenging pictures. Don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Hey I actually learnt something. I heard no idea about the inverse selection. (I hope thats what it is called) Many Thanks.

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