Photoshop for Total Beginners 5

Selection and Quick Mask Tool

Last post I showed you how to do a simple selection on a simple picture, the duck. I am going to keep it just as simple for this post and reuse Mr. Ducky for this example. So let’s say you have ducky selected but want to refine that selection a little bit. There is a very easy, quick and dirty way of doing so with the Quick Mask Tool; it let’s you refine a selection boundary by hand.
Make sure you have something selected, in my case the duck.

Click the Quick Mask Tool found at the very bottom of the Tools Panel. This will now display the picture in a reddish hue. It does that to make it easier for us to see the area we are refining.

It uses the foreground color to determine the action we want to take.  Black = remove, White = add. Right now black is selected, if you want white, click on the little arrows to swap / toggle  between the two colors.
Now select the Brush Tool . Once you have selected the brush tool, you can choose the type and size of brush you want to work with at the top of the screen.

Don’t worry about what all this stuff does right now, we only care about the second option showing the brush size which in this example is ten. Click on the black arrow to the right of it to get your brush options.

Now refine your selection on the picture. I wanted to add a little bit of a white border around the duck so I traced around him with the white. To toggle between quick mask and actual view, use the Quick Mask Tool button .

Remove from the selection (switch foreground color to black). Area that has the reddish hue represents the area NOT selected.

Hope you are finding this as cool as I do.

Next post I will start on Image Enhancements.

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