Photoshop for Total Beginners 8

Image Enhancements

Today I will show you how to change the eye color in a photograph. Are you excited yet? No? Hmmm…

Open the image you want to work with.

Create a new, blank layer by clicking the Add New Layers icon  in the bottom right hand corner of the Layers Panel.


Make sure the new layer (in this case Layer 1) is selected (highlighted).





Pick a color from the Swatches Panel. I am going to pick a drastic green for extra effect.



Select the Brush Tool.
Pick a brush size, I will use 10px.
Zoom in on the eyes to be more accurate and paint the eyes.




In the Layers Panel, click on the drop down icon (where it currently shows Normal) and select color.

I bet you did not think it was this easy.

Oh, and by the way… If in this how to post I talk about a tool or action without giving you direction on where to find it or what it looks like, it’s probably because I did so in an earlier how to post. So go and take a second look at those.


  1. Your little tutorials are definitely helpful. Could you consider changing the theme of your blog? Disappearance of the sidebar in a single post really distracts the readers.

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