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Olivia WildeI recently came across Olivia Wilde’s website called “wilde things“. I have to say “I am so impressed!” Turns out, the lady is more than just a pretty face… among other things; she is an activist and also a vegan, who would have thought?

The site is very classy and different from the usual “it’s all about me and nothing else” clutter that people in the entertainment business seem to prefer.

The only ONE peeve I have about the site is that all links referenced open in the same window, replacing her site each and every time. Incredible annoying, cause now I have to continuously navigate back to her site to see more. How perfect would her site be, if the links opened into a new window? Oh well, enough complaining…

I love her original intro (and I am not being facetious here either):

Welcome to Wilde Things! This is a space for me to share with you the ever evolving grab bag of things I care about. Some of you may have ended up here because you know me from films or TV, and some of you may just have heard we have similar interests. Whatever the detour that brought you here, I’m happy to make your acquaintance! By putting my thoughts online myself, I have a chance to connect with you directly, instead of filtering everything through speculation, rumors, and glossy illusions. I’d love for you to be able to get to know me as if we met in person. Please enjoy.
Love, Olivia

BUT, nothing I can say here would do her justice. It’s just one of those “you have to go and check out the site yourself” kinds of deals. And yes, I almost forgot, you can also follow her on twitter.


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