ZoneEdit – Best Managed DNS Around

OK folks, time for a rant! Patience, I’m getting there… have to start at the beginning in order for it to make sense.

ZoneEdit is a web-based DNS service offering free and paid options. Please check their site to see a list of all their offerings.

I have enjoyed their fabulous and dependable free service for many years now and I really do not have a single complaint.

So here is the thing, after all these years, ZoneEdit has decided to make some changes. And in order to be fair, they are giving people like me, a chance to keep the free services we have been enjoying thus far. All I had to do was make a one-time purchase of $10.95 for what they call a credit (see updates for details) and I continue to enjoy their service as I have been. OK, so technically it’s no longer free because I just paid for a credit BUT come on people…

Confused what my rant is about?
People are complaining and whining that they have to buy a credit in order to keep their free service!
Can you believe this?

Here is a company giving people a valuable service for free for years and now that they are trying to recover some of their cost (for really good upcoming changes), people are complaining. What is wrong with these people?

I for one was happy to spend a one-time $10.95 for continuing to receive their services! Way to go ZoneEdit! Keep up the good work!

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